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Traditional and Contemporary Craft Services

Chas Heath
Sandy Greene

Mobile: 07789 200587


On-site woodwork projects making practical / sculptural constructions with a group.

Can use wood from the site, seasoned or unseasoned, to promote sustainability.

Designs can be provided.

NTS course, Aberdeenshire (21K)
NTS Course, Aberdeenshire
DSCF4752 (24K)
carving workshop, Perth
DSCF4755 (20K)
Result of carving workshop, Perth
DSCF7127 (31K)
Bronze age roundhouse project, NTS Arran
DSCF7116 (34K)
Bronze age roundhouse project, NTS Arran
May 04 173 (32K)
volunteers working on land sculpture
May 04 180 (28K)
finished land sculpture made with wood from Rhododendron clearance, Arran
school_stage_Newtyle (39K)
School stage, Newtyle
school_stage_St._Madoes (30K)
School stage, St. Madoes
bird_hide_Arran (45K)
Bird hide, Arran
interactive1 (18K)
Compost toilet for Scottish Native Woods
interactive2 (13K)
Summer house for National Trust, Scotland
interactive4 (15K)
Pavillion for National Trust, Scotland
interactive9 (13K)
Summer house for National Trust, Scotland
interactive5 (18K)
Forest Schools project, Perthshire
interactive6 (13K)
Forest Schools project, Perthshire
interactive7 (16K)
Play area shelter for NTS
interactive8 (13K)
Forest Schools project, Perthshire
interactive10 (17K)
Outdoor area for NTS
interactive11 (15K)
Woodland Sculpture, Arran NTS
interactive12 (10K)
Marquee workshop environment
interactive3 (19K)
Xylophone for Dundee Council
interactive15 (70K)
Bird house for Fife Air Cadets
interactive14 (61K)
Information shelter for Castle Fraser, Aberdeenshire