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Traditional and Contemporary Craft Services

Chas Heath
Sandy Greene

Mobile: 07789 200587


These allow a more advanced insight and knowledge of the woodwork techniques than can be gained in the shorter workshop situation. Please also refer to Interactive Carpentry and Workshops pages

Courses can last from 1 - 5 days, depending on the projects.

Rustic Furniture

rustic4 (23K)
Plant climber
rustic1 (16K)
Rustic bench
rustic2 (18K)
rustic3 (13K)
Bird table
rustic5 (17K)
Bent wood chairs
rustic6 (17K)
Low table
rustic7 (13K)
Split wood stool
DSCF3733 (47K)

Green Woodwork

GWWCourse1 (13K)
Stools and back stools
GWWCourse2 (13K)
Pole lathe, shaving horse and tools
GWWCourse3 (13K)
Various small projects
GWWCourse4 (13K)
Love spoon