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Bowers, fedges, tunnels and domes can be made with living willow that will then grow and become a more dense habitat.

These can be made with a group as a project or as a commission..

They are popular with community groups, eco schools and educational establishments.

IPHONE 121112 202 (33K)
Willow bower ,1 year summer growth
home03 (65K)
DSCF7286 (24K)
Willow bower winter scene, waiting to be cut back
420 (27K)
Willow and Oak frame plant climbers
421 (25K)
Willow and Oak frame plant climbers, with sun ray design
424 (21K)
Large Willow planters
IMG_0337 (24K)
Willow screen , made with primary school pupils
IMG_0484 (27K)
Low willow hurdle for Drum Castle , Aberdeenshire
IMG_0486 (27K)
Low running Willow hurdle
IMG_0485 (36K)
Side view of running hurdle
DSCF4005 (18K)
Dry willow inset into panel for kitchen space
DSCF7359 (30K)
Living willow tunnel and den for school, Angus
DSCF7464 (17K)
Willow beds to harvest
IMG_0472 (30K)
Willow harvesting
willow01 (66K)
Large bower with willow bench
willow02 (62K)
Large bower with willow bench
DSCF1450 (24K)
Outdoor classroom made with help
by primary school children.
livingwillow3 (18K)
livingwillow5 (20K)
livingwillow1 (21K)
Outdoor classroom space
livingwillow2 (19K)
Dome and tunnel
livingwillow6 (22K)
Large Fedge
livingwillow4 (20K)
Fedge and arches
Living willow arbor and tunnel. Dundee (70K)
Living willow arbor and tunnel. Dundee
livingwillow7 (26K)
Large Dome